It is undeniable that Government Buildings have a need for a top-notch fire prevention system that works quickly, effectively, and minimizes damage. Typical fire prevention systems like water-based fire sprinklers are a part of the answer, providing immediate fire suppression and protecting the building’s structural integrity while preserving the lives of the government employees. However, in this modern day, where technology plays an ever-increasing role in the daily operations and record-keeping of virtually any business, an additional fire prevention system is needed: one that provides fire protection that doesn’t cause as much harm as the fire it exists to extinguish. This additional fire prevention system is known as a dry chemical fire prevention system, and it is what businesses world-wide choose to protect their most valuable equipment, technology, and records.

Cease Fire has gained national renown as the manufacturer of pre-engineered modular dry chemical fire prevention systems, providing fire protection to clients like LTV Steel, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Honeywell, the U.S. Government, Chicago Transit Authority, London Underground, and Navistar. These clients depend on Cease Fire’s fire suppression technology to guard their vulnerable assets from both fire and water damage. Installation of our fire prevention systems, such as our popular CFF-800 fire suppression unit, is often the only way to ensure that, in the event that a fire does ignite, their computers, telecommunication technology, vital paper records, and server rooms can survive with minimal harm done.

The CFF-800 unit is a completely self-contained fire prevention cylindrical unit measuring 15.5 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter. This relatively small unit is guaranteed to provide fire protection for a room measuring 8.2 feet by 8.2 feet with 12.2 foot high ceilings. If the area designated within the government building as needing dry chemical fire protection is larger than this size, it is simple to install another unit or units and network them together in order to provide customized fire protection without an inflated cost. Each CFF-800 fire suppression unit is designed to contain all it needs to do the job: no need for costly renovation, piping, or wiring. All it needs is a simple installation by mounting onto the included flange, and it’s ready to go!

Illustration of Cease Fire Logo Knocking Out Flames

Contained inside the CFF-800 is our patented dual-agent fire suppressant: the dynamic duo of DuPont’s FE-227 gas and our patented ABC powder. The FE-227 gas knocks down the fire quickly, taking as little as four to five seconds, and the ABC powder distributes itself over the entire surface of the protected room or rooms, thereby preventing re-ignition of the fire. The best part? Both the FE-227 gas as ABC powder have been proven to be non-corrosive, non-toxic, and not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, as determined by the EPA. Each unit is also UL and FM (Factory Mutual) Certified, making Cease Fire a reputable brand, which explains our national reputation.

Whether you’re looking to protect a small area within your government building, or would like to add our dry-chemical fire suppression units throughout the building, we at Cease Fire are always ready to help you determine exactly what you need, how much of it you need, and where you need it. Ask our trained distributors to help you design the perfect dry chemical fire prevention system today, so that you can be confident that your most valuable items are protected by the products of the industry’s leading fire suppression manufacturer: Cease Fire LLC.

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