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The Cease Fire® Unit is self-activating. Each unit is designed to initiate automatically by means of a sprinkler head rated at 155ºF (68ºC). The temperature rating for each sprinkler head is stamped on the star shaped deflector in both Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements. The temperature of the sprinkler head is fixed and must be designated at the time of purchase. When the temperature rise to activate the Cease Fire® unit, the sprinkler head opens automatically and dispenses the entire contents in less than 10 seconds onto the fire and throughout the enclosure being protected. If the unit is equipped with the optional pressure switch, a signal is sent at the time of discharge to activate accessory equipment, such as an alarm.

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Suppressing Agents: FM-200 and CF-33 ABC Dry Chemical Blend
Maximum Total Flood Volume: 8.20’x 8.20’x 12.20’ = 820 Cu. Ft.
2.5m x 2.5m x 3.72m = 23.25 Cubic Meters
Reach Coverage Area: 8.2’x 8.2’ = 67.24 Sq. Ft.
2.5m x 2.5m = 6.25 Square Meters
Temperature Rating/Validation: 32°F to 120°F / 0°C to 49°C
Cylinder: Worthington Cylinder
Diameter: 7.50” / 19.05cm
Length: 11.38” + 3.12” Coupling Assembly / 29cm +
Unit Weight: 30 lbs / 13.61 kg
Ship Weight: 34 lbs / 15.42 kg
Operating Pressure: 175 psi / 1207 kPa
Propellant: High Purity Compressed Dry Nitrogen
Standard System Activation: 155° Fahrenheit / 68.3° Celsius

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