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A Modern Approach to Fire Suppression

A Modern Approach to Fire Suppression

Posted 8/15/2017

The Risk

Fire can be one of the most devastating disasters faced by people anywhere, at any time. The FSSA reports that 43 percent of businesses closed by fire never reopen, and another 29 percent fail within three years. The best way to limit loss caused by fires is to hit the fire quickly and effectively with as much extinguishing agent as needed to suppress and put out the fire. For structural fires, sprinkler systems are most effective, and are an essential tool in limiting loss of life and structural damage, but what if the area contains valuable goods that can be damaged by water? What if the structure is remote, and water is not available? Cease Fire has the answer: our patented CFF 800 dual agent overhead fire suppression system.

Effective Waterless Fire Suppression

Cease Fire has developed a pre-engineered, self-contained and automatic, heat activated system that will protect and preserve valuable and vulnerable equipment and property. It has been tested and approved by UL for use in A, B, and C-class fires.

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In its patented dual agent technology, Cease Fire combines its ABC powder with DuPont's FE 227 EPA approved fire extinguishing cleaning agent to create a dual agent gel that provides more efficient fire suppression. As a standalone fire suppression system, this Cease Fire CFF800 will provide over ten years of fire protection with a minimal amount of care. Cease Fire's powerful formula is delivered in the industry's only truly modular system. Each unit is completely self-contained and pre-engineered. As such, the Cease Fire CFF 800 is one of the most cost-effective suppression solutions available.

The modern business community relies heavily on computers and telecommunication equipment. In such areas, the use of a standard water fire suppression system could cause as much damage to the equipment as a fire. Rapid response in critical areas such as these without the use of water can ensure having the business back to normal operations without long-term disruption to its customers. It is here that the CFF 800 fire suppression system performs its most valuable work. No matter what the cause of a fire, it is critical to have a system that can react rapidly and effectively.

When the sensors detect a fire and send a signal to the Cease Fire suppression system, it triggers the unit, which immediately reacts, suppressing the fire in four to five seconds. The fire is suppressed by both the FE 227 gas and the unique ABC powder. The powder settles in the area to prevent reigniting of the fire. Damage to the structure and the equipment is kept to a minimum.

This powder is unique in that it is non-toxic and not dangerous for personnel that might be in the area. It has also been tested and found to not pose imminent threat to electrical equipment based on a propensity to induce corrosion or electrical conductivity. Whenever a fire occurs, it is important to completely clean the area of smoke and fire residue. At this time, the powder that has helped minimize damage is easily removed by vacuuming the area. For electronic equipment, compressed air removes the powder from small crevices.

Options for Every Situation

For fast, effective and economical fire protection, Cease Fire's CFF 800 provides the best answer. In addition to the CFF 800 FM approved unit, Cease Fire supplies other systems for a variety of situations. Our CFP series with five systems listed with Underwriter Laboratories (UL) delivers a 100% powder-based dry chemical for fire suppression. The clean agent CFCA series uses only DuPont FE 227 fire suppressing gas.

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