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Fire Suppression For Remote Storage Buildings

Fire Suppression For Remote Storage Buildings

Posted 8/18/2017

Facilities requiring fire protection come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. For buildings in remote areas, storage sheds, and other locations where obtaining a sufficient water supply for fire extinguishment is impossible or impractical, a fire suppression system beyond the typical is required. Enter Cease Fire's dual-agent, heat activated, and automatic patented modular fire extinguishing units.

Unlike traditional fire suppression methods, which rely upon sprinkler systems utilizing water as a means of extinguishing fires, Cease Fire's unique standalone chemical waterless fire suppression units are completely self-contained and pre-engineered, giving complete protection without the necessity of an existing water supply. In addition, our CFF-800 units require no electricity for operation, making them work in the event of power outage, as well as being ideal for areas with no electricity whatsoever.

Cease Fire's unique line of patented, overhead fire extinguisher units are rated to quickly and efficiently extinguish class A, B, and C fires by total flooding the protected area in a matter of seconds with our dual-agent blend of DuPont's FE-227 gas and our own proprietary ABC powder once the fire has been detected. In a matter of four to five seconds, the fire is completely extinguished, and the powder settles onto the contents of the space, preventing reigniting of the fire. Each unit has been pre-engineered to utilize no more suppressant than is necessary for the size of the space to be protected, therefore reducing waste and making these units extremely cost-effective and efficient.

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After extinguishment, the fire suppressant agents revert to non-toxic gas and powder, and are completely safe for easy clean-up of the area. DuPont's FE-227 EPA-approved gas has been proven to be non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe for personnel in the area and for the environment, making it the Halon-replacement gas of choice.

In addition to the convenience of a system like Cease Fire's CFF series in areas where water supply is inadequate, the CFF series offers gentle protection for all your sensitive equipment and technology. It protects against fire damage without causing water damage, and is quick and simple to clean out of the area by vacuum and compressed air once the fire is completely extinguished. This attribute of harmlessness for the environment, equipment, and humans is responsible for the world-wide demand for Cease Fire's products, making them the fire suppression units of choice in a world where technology, computers, and other valuable yet vulnerable property are at the center of the daily operations of modern corporations and businesses. Protecting these important physical assets protects the lives and jobs of the people who work for the companies---as well as ensuring that the businesses lose no time in regaining normal operations after a fire occurs.

Don't let the remote location of your special storage needs stop you from obtaining the fire protection system that you require. Cease Fire's representatives will work with you to design the appropriate custom system for your needs, and help you to determine the exact location and amount of overhead fire extinguishing units to install in order to protect your equipment twenty four hours a day, virtually maintenance free, for ten or more years.

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