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Why Are Modular Fire Suppression Systems Superior to Others?

Why Are Modular Fire Suppression Systems Superior to Others?

Posted 5/31/2023


Alt Title: What Makes a Modular Fire Suppression System Worth Using?

Modular fire suppression systems can be installed conveniently, while giving you flexible coverage of as much space as you need. Compared to traditional fire suppression systems, they tend to be cheaper, more accommodating, and even more effective.

But what makes a modular fire suppression system so unique? And is it truly superior to all other varieties?

What Is a Modular Fire Suppression System?

As the name suggests, a modular fire suppression system is one that relies on individual units, or “modules” for its system of operations. Like all fire suppression systems, the goal is to react to a fire in progress with materials and actions that extinguish the flame, prevent it from spreading, and reduce the potential damage from the fire.

Unlike traditional fire suppression systems, which are often installed with the plumbing of a building, modular systems can be used as a coordinated network of standalone units. You don't need to tap into the plumbing of your building to install them, you don't need to give your building a structural overhaul, and you don't need to install fire suppression units in every area of your building.

Individual components include fire suppression units, fire detectors, a fire alarm control panel, strobe alarms, and other components that work cohesively to provide you with fire suppression when you need it. Depending on your needs, modular fire suppression systems can be optimized to use a wide range of different materials, such as clean agent gasses that are designed to minimize damage to your property, and more traditional fire suppression agents like water.

Because these systems are created from many different unique, individual components, you can customize a system that fits your needs. That usually means working with a fire suppression professional to get recommendations for what will work best in your unique area.

The Benefits of Modular Fire Suppression Systems

Why should you consider using modular fire suppression systems over traditional ones?

These are some of the greatest advantages:

·       Total flexibility and control. Most buyers are interested in the total flexibility and control offered by modular systems. You're not limited to buying only one type of product, nor are you restricted by logistical limitations. If you have the budget, you can purchase any number of modular materials, install them, and coordinate them how you see fit. If you only need fire suppression for one room with a significant fire hazard, you can purchase a single unit. If you want something more comprehensive for your entire building, you can purchase that too.

·       Specific solutions for niche needs. Modular systems are ideal for businesses and individuals who have niche needs that aren't served by traditional systems. If your building has an unusual structure, or if you're facing a very specific type of fire hazard that requires a focused means of suppression, a modular system can give you what you need.

·       Easy installation. It's surprisingly easy to install a modular fire suppression system. You don't need to tear down any walls or commit to a full renovation; instead, you can simply follow the instructions and install the components yourself. And if you hire a professional to do the installation for you, you'll likely save money, since this is an easier installation than other types of fire suppression systems.

·       Intuitive operation. Modular fire suppression systems are also designed to be as intuitive as possible. Many of these components activate automatically upon detecting a fire, and there's almost nothing you need to do as a user to keep them functional.

·       Reduced need for maintenance. There's no such thing as a fire suppression system that lasts forever, but modular fire suppression systems require far less maintenance than other types of systems. A periodic inspection is usually more than enough to verify that each unit is working as intended; and if you detect anything wrong, you can usually apply an easy fix.

·       Room for expansion. Some business planners love modular fire suppression because it leaves room for expansion. If you decide to expand your business, rebuild part of your building, or simply increase your fire suppression coverage, all you need to do is buy more units and install them.

·       Potential upgrades over time. Similarly, you'll have the option for potential upgrades over time. If you find that one of your units isn't working as intended, or if you want to upgrade to a different type of model, you can do that relatively easily.

·       Lower overall costs. Thanks to all these benefits and more, modular fire suppression systems tend to be less expensive overall than their more intensive counterparts. The components are inexpensive, they're easy to install, they last a long time, and they require very little servicing. In the long run, that’s going to save you money.

Are There Drawbacks?

Are there any drawbacks to using a modular fire suppression system? The short answer is: not really.

Modular fire suppression systems are just as capable of suppressing a fire as any other system. In fact, they may be even more capable if you use a modular system to provide more comprehensive coverage. As with any fire safety approach, it's possible that insufficient materials or improper installation can lead to reduced effectiveness, but this is a potential issue with any fire suppression system – not just modular systems.

It's also worth noting that if you're building a structure from the ground up, it may make sense to embed a fire suppression system in with the plumbing. It all depends on your goals, your budget, and how you're planning the building.

Is a Modular Fire Suppression System Right for You?

Most buildings require at least some measure of fire suppression. Even if your risk of fire is relatively low, the potential damage from a fire could be devastating.

Considering the range of options available to you, modular fire suppression systems are likely your best bet. They're flexible, they're efficient, and they're not very expensive compared to competing products. 

So if you're interested in upgrading your fire suppression for a reasonable cost, contact us for a free quote today!