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Fire Suppression Systems in Manufacturing Environments

Posted: 8/20/2017

Manufacturing environments, whether they be power plants, manufacturing plants, assembly plants, petrochemical plants, processing plants, warehouses, or distribution centers, can be tricky to protect ... READ...

Cease Fire Obtains UL and ULC Listing on Six Fire Suppression Systems

Posted: 9/1/2017

Leader in pre-engineered fire suppression technology, Cease Fire, is now authorized to sell six waterless fire suppression systems with Underwriters Laboratory’s (UL) mark of approval. This list... READ...

Fire Suppression Solutions For Industrial Applications

Posted: 9/12/2017

In addition to protecting technology and computer-related equipment, Cease Fire offers superior UL listed protection for industrial applications. Painting spaces, welding areas, chemical treating proc... READ...

Ten Reasons Cease Fire Systems are the Best Available

Posted: 9/12/2017

FLEXIBILITY No matter what your fire suppression needs, Cease Fire has the correct fire protection system for you. Our flexibility is partially due to the variety of choice in surfactant used for f... READ...