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Stand Alone Fire Suppression Systems

Stand Alone Fire Suppression Systems

Posted 8/20/2017

Nobody likes being stuck with a useless item or a system that can only solve one problem. In our fast-paced world, multi-purpose systems and products are necessary for their ability to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions in a number of ways. Over the years, customers have found that Cease Fire standalone Fire Suppression Systems can be used to solve multiple facilities’ fire suppression challenges, which saves them time, space, and money.

For example, a Cease Fire customer recently purchased a dual agent Cease Fire standalone Fire Suppression System for a storage facility. At a meeting, this facilities manager learned of the company’s need for a standalone fire suppression system for a its IT Room. The company was able to take the Cease Fire Stand Alone fire suppression system from the storage room, place it in the IT room, add a few extra Cease Fire standalone fire suppression units to the system, and combine the storage space with the IT Room space to solve the issue smoothly and easily.

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We have seen this happen over and over: once a customer has seen how cost-effectively and simply a fire suppression system designed by Cease Fire can be to install, they order several more for use in other areas or applications of their business. Or they move and re-install the fire suppression units elsewhere as their needs change.

It’s the standalone nature of the Cease Fire product that makes it so affordable and flexible. Each Cease Fire standalone fire suppression unit is a simple cylinder which is meant to be mounted on the ceiling. For spaces exceeding a single unit’s reach (spaces over 6750 cubic feet), additional units can be added and networked to provide customized protection for every nook and cranny of the protected space. These units have a pre-engineered ABC powder, clean agent gas, or dual-agent blend of FE-227 gas and ABC powder, exactly enough suppressant to extinguish and prevent fires within the discharge area of the unit. This means that, unlike fire suppression systems that depend on costly plumbing and wiring to deliver the necessary fire suppression agents, all the fire suppression agents that are needed are already contained within the unit, reducing cost. In addition, the lack of wiring and piping makes installation, maintenance, and moving the units as simple as could possibly be imagined.

Dry chemical fire suppression is a rapidly growing industry, as businesses are searching for a way to protect the valuable yet vulnerable physical assets they possess: computers, telecommunications technology, museum artifacts, dip tanks, paper records---the list is nearly infinite. Water-based sprinkler systems are certainly a useful part of any company’s fire suppression plan, but they alone cannot provide the protection your most important assets require. This is where Cease Fire comes in, bringing the best in the dry chemical fire suppression industry, and doing it simply, cost-effectively, and efficiently. We’ve been doing this since 1986, and our business keeps growing. Join the London Underground, LTV Steel, O’Hare International Airport, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and other high-profile customers who have placed their trust in Cease Fire’s unbeatable fire suppression products, and talk with one of our representatives today!