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If It Isn’t CeaseFire.com, It Isn’t Us

If It Isn’t CeaseFire.com, It Isn’t Us

Posted 4/20/2023

The Real Cease Fire

For over forty years we’ve been the leaders in pre-engineered fire suppression technology. We’ve worked hard to develop our product and brand developing some of the most innovative and effective fire suppression units in the industry.

Like many innovators today, our success has drawn the attention of knock off manufacturers located in countries where Trademark Infringement laws are difficult to enforce. Some of these have even branded their products under the Cease Fire name also made their website similar in appearance.

When Imitation Isn’t Flattery, But Deadly

Cease Fire’s developed, patented, technology has been stringently tested and refined over decades. Even more, Cease Fire’s unique patented technology is thoroughly peer tested through such certifications as UL, ULC, CSFM, and NYC Approval # 5903 and more.

We go through such great lengths because we know much is at stake. Our products protect so much more than assets and property… they protect lives.