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Why Choose Waterless Fire Suppression

Why Choose Waterless Fire Suppression

Posted 11/24/2017

Waterless Fire Suppression: The First Choice

In the event of structural fires, sprinkler systems are undoubtedly the most effective tool for extinguishing the fire and limiting the loss of life and structural damage to the building. However, most businesses and structures have at least one key area containing valuable, sensitive equipment like computers, telecommunications systems, and other vulnerable physical assets. These areas need powerful, but gentle protection, since they are just as likely to be irreparably damaged by the water used to extinguish the threatening fire as by the fire itself, thereby causing the business catastrophic losses of time, technology, and equipment needed during clean-up, repair, and restoration. Enter Cease Fire's unique line of patent-pending, dual-agent, clean agent, and UL Listed all-powder overhead fire suppression systems: a waterless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, chemical fire suppression system, which features not only fast, effective, and safe fire suppression, but also minimal clean-up once the fire is extinguished!

With our waterless modular system, fires are quickly and safely detected and extinguished, eliminating the typical water, smoke, and fire damage common after conflagrations extinguished by the usage of sprinkler systems. Cease Fire's pre-engineered systems are designed to extinguish the fire before the need for conventional wet protection systems arise. When the sensors detect the heat or smoke from the fire, it immediately triggers the unit, flooding the area with its patent-pending suppressant, consisting of ABC powder combined, DuPont's FE 227 EPA-approved fire-extinguishing cleaning agent, or a combination of both in the dual-agent technologies, which suppresses A, B, and Class C Fires in four to five seconds!

In all cases after a fire, a thorough cleaning is required of the space. Our non-toxic chemical agent is safely and easily removed with vacuuming or compressed air, minimizing the time necessary for returning the business to its full operating ability.

When providing chemical fire suppression like Cease Fire, our modular fire suppression units are a "one-shot" system, as is any fixed finite chemical system. This means that when there is a fire and the chemical fire suppression system is activated, the suppressant is released and, ideally, the fire is extinguished. Once the chemicals are fully released the system is fully exhausted, thus the "one shot" tag. In the event that the fire overcomes the chemical suppression system, water is a necessary redundant backup system.

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Water as a Necessary Redundant Backup System

Nearly all jurisdictions in the United States will require wet protection systems in addition to the chemical systems if there is water available to the site. This water will be a back-up system in the protected space in case the chemical agents did not fully extinguish the fire, or the larger building envelope in order to provide fire protection to allow the occupants to safely exit the building, as well as to prevent the fire from spreading beyond the initial burning structure.

Including both wet and chemical fire suppression systems in your building's arsenal of fire protection is the best precaution against losing valuable life, equipment, and time, providing your business with specific, appropriate systems for your needs.