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Home Fire Suppression Systems

Home Fire Suppression Systems

Posted 9/1/2017

The number of people who work from home continues to grow rapidly, creating opportunities for income and employment for people who might otherwise be unable to earn a living, or simply giving flexibility to employees who might choose to work from home during part of the week. Accordingly, an increasing number of home businesses and telecommuters are turning to dry chemical fire suppression systems to provide the fire protection that the computers, electronics, paper records, and other vulnerable equipment stored in their homes require.

Cease Fire’s dual agent fire suppression systems are an excellent choice for protecting your home business---with the added benefit of protecting your home as well! Our fire suppression systems suit a homeowner’s budget, due to their extreme portability, affordability, ease of installation, and efficiency.

Here’s what makes Cease Fire’s fire suppression systems the best for your home business fire protection needs.

Stand Alone Fire Suppression

Each Cease Fire suppression unit is completely self-contained and pre-engineered to protect a space of up to 820 cubic feet. The CFF 800 unit is a cylinder seven inches in diameter, fifteen and a half inches in height. Each unit is mounted directly to the ceiling on a simple mounting flange---requiring absolutely zero pipes or wires. This means that planning, installing, mounting, and maintaining your fire suppression system is simple and uncomplicated. If the unit has discharged or is malfunctioning, replacing it will take a matter of minutes.

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Safe for You, Your Equipment, and the Environment

Today’s consumer is concerned for their health and the environment at large, making choices that reflect that concern. Cease Fire’s dry chemical fire suppression dual-agent has the credentials to reassure such customers: endorsed by FM (Factory Mutual), the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), it has been proven to be non-toxic, not prone to deplete ozone, and non-corrosive. In plain language, this means that neither you nor your valuables will be harmed in the event of discharge during a fire. Clean-up is safe, quick, and easy. The fear of water damage from sprinklers will be a thing of the past!

Trusted Brand

Cease Fire has been protecting companies and individuals from fire since 1986, earning an international reputation for being foremost in the fire suppression industry. Our products have been sold to customers like Navistar, LTV Steel, the London Underground, the U.S. Navy, Honeywell, O’Hare International Airport, and we’re continually growing! Since Cease Fire opened its doors, we’ve sold 250,000 automatic units and over ten million portables.

Cease Fire’s knowledgeable representatives can work with you and plan a system of fire protection that will exceed that of any other company. We’ll make it a simple matter of ascertaining the size, shape, and contents of the space you wish to protect, and designing a system that will be simple, cost-effective, and that will work. Entrust your home, your loved ones, and the computers and other equipment of your livelihood to Cease Fire’s expertise, and you can have peace of mind.