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Non-Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Non-Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

Posted 9/12/2017

While Cease Fire is known world-wide for our stand-out dry chemical fire suppression systems, serving large customers like LTV Steel, O’Hare International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Navistar, CSX RR, AT&T, Nova Biomedical, Massey Energy, and Alpha Natural Resources, our products work equally well in a non-commercial setting such as a home. This is entirely due to the flexibility and cost-effective nature of our fire suppression products---a combination that is difficult to find in the fire suppression industry.

Consider Cease Fire’s CFF-800 unit, a fire suppression unit that is completely self-contained (modular), pre-engineered for precise fire suppression, and that can be networked with other units to provide specific dry chemical fire extinguisher right where it is needed.

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Of primary interest is the modular nature of the CFF-800: unlike our competitors’ products, our dry chemical fire suppression system uses zero pipes and wiring, making installation of the fire suppression system quick and simple, without the extensive remodeling and cost that installing pipes and wiring would incur. The unit’s pre-engineering ensures that the exact amount of surfactant is already contained within the unit, therefore reducing waste and ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the product.

The CFF-800 is a cylindrical, ceiling-mount unit measuring 15.5 inches in height, 7 inches in diameter, which covers up to 820 cubic feet. This is coverage of a room 8.2’ x 8.2’, with 12.2’ high ceilings. With multiple CFF-800 units, the coverage increases to provide protection for every square foot of the area you wish to protect. At Cease Fire, we work with you to determine exactly how many units and the proper placement of those units for the ultimate protection for your space.

Additionally, the CFF-800 unit contains a revolutionary dual-agent fire suppression mixture, which has been proven to be harmless to people, the environment, and to sensitive equipment---even ferrous metals such as copper and lead. This combination, which consists of DuPont’s FE-227 gas combined with our proprietary ABC powder, is non-toxic, making it safe both during and after discharge. It is non-corrosive, proven by an independent testing company to not corrode metal even under such harsh conditions as 85% humidity over a period of 96 hours---more rigorous a test than is even required under the NFPA 75 Standard for the Protection of Information Technology Equipment. It has gained EPA-approval, meaning that it will not deplete the ozone layer. And lastly, it is non-conductive, which is important for safely protecting areas with wires and electricity.

Dry chemical fire suppression systems provide so much simpler, cheaper, and safer fire protection than their more expensive counterparts, water based sprinkler systems---with the added bonus of not harming the valuable items you may store in your home. In the even that a fire does occur in your home, you want fire protection that is fast, safe, effective, and that doesn’t destroy your home and personal belongings. Cease Fire’s dry chemical fire suppression systems are just what you’re looking for.