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Noncorrosive Fire Suppression System

Noncorrosive Fire Suppression System

Posted 9/1/2017

Proponents of all gas fire suppression systems often say that powder based systems cause corrosion and significant damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Since the entire point of fire suppression systems is to protect your equipment, it is perfectly understandable that many corporations and business owners don't want powder systems based on this claimed information.

Cease Fire understands your concerns. We've conducted rigorous testing on our CF33 proprietary powder to validate it's noncorrosive properties. Recently one of our clients -AT&T - asked us to supply them with data that proved CF33 wouldn't damage sensitive equipment in their battery rooms specifically ferrous metals such as copper and lead, fiber optic cables, and battery cases. They stated, "The powder needed to have no adverse effects on any of these items for 96hrs/4 days at a humidity level of 85%." This humidity and length of time criteria is over twice the length of time and almost twice the humidity level stated as acceptable in the NFPA 75 Standard for the Protection of Information Technology Equipment. Under these constraints Cease Fire, working with independent testing lab Carlson Testing, validated CF33 is noncorrosive.

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You can see the official lab results here in the downloadable PDF format.

Conclusion: Cease Fire dual agent, and all powder suppression systems, are test validated safe for the most sensitive equipment including sensitive electronic equipment. The comments and claims made by suppression companies selling all gas systems just aren't correct for CF33.

If you need a safe, noncorrosive fire suppression system for any application you've come to the right place. Visit our product catalogcontact us, or request a quote.