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Posted 8/20/2017

Numbered among the best of the public servants who consider it their job to risk their lives for ours are the firefighters of this nation. These men and women put everything on the line when they respond to the fires, accidents, and tragedies that occur every day, and their first priority is protecting the lives and livelihoods of the public who trusts them. This is why dry chemical fire suppression systems like Cease Fire’s are regarded so highly by these firefighters: our fire suppression systems consistently extinguish fires in the spaces they are installed to protect, saving time, money, and reducing hazards for the Fire Department. Truly, these small, automatic modular dry chemical fire suppression units are life-savers.

Cease Fire has been producing dry chemical fire suppression systems for twenty-five years, and our reputation for keeping at the forefront of the fire suppression industry has grown accordingly. Companies and organizations like Honeywell, LTV Steel, the London Underground, Navistar, the U.S. National Park Service, the Federal Aviation Association (FAA), Intel, and Chicago Transit Authority have placed their trust in our dry chemical systems. Currently, the U.S. Government is negotiating with Cease Fire in order to place Cease Fire fire suppression technology onboard large-scale capital ships of the US Navy. This comes as a result of the US Naval Research Laboratory’s favorable conclusion after testing the fire extinguishing technology. Clearly, having sold over ten million automatic portables, along with 250,000 automatic units, Cease Fire is the top name when it comes to dry chemical fire suppression, and firefighters are some of the biggest proponents of all.

Illustration of Cease Fire Logo Knocking Out Flames

Consider the benefit to firefighting units responding to a fire in which a Cease Fire dry chemical fire suppression system has been used. First, our fire suppression units are pre-engineered for the spaces in which they are installed, which means that the exact amount of fire suppression agent is used, thereby ensuring that the fire will be rapidly---in four or five seconds, to be exact---extinguished, with just the surfactant necessary for that space. This makes it highly likely that the fire will be extinguished before the firefighters arrive. Secondly, the dry chemical systems are designed to prevent re-ignition of the fire, settling a layer of dry chemical powder over the surfaces of the space. This makes the firefighter’s task of securing the area once it has been determined to no longer be a re-ignition threat much simpler. Lastly, dry chemical fire suppression systems are easy clean-up, making recovering from a fire as easy as it could possibly be. The non-corrosive nature of the fire suppressant (recently proven by Carlson Testing Inc. to be non-corrosive for 96 hours at 85% humidity---above and beyond the current standards) and its environmentally-friendly qualities (EPA approved as not contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer) mean that the damage resulting from a fire is a result of the flames alone---not the fire suppressant. This isn’t always true when a conventional, water-based fire suppression system is used.

Cease Fire’s fire suppression units are ideal for so many locations, settings, and companies who feel that their fire protection needs are uniquely difficult. Our site addresses many of these situations in articles such as aircraft hangar fire suppression and fire suppression for remote storage buildings. Let us work with you to make designing, installing, and maintaining the fire protection system that your company needs as simple, cost-effective, and safe as possible.