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What an Auto Mechanic Should Know About Fire Suppression

What an Auto Mechanic Should Know About Fire Suppression

Posted 8/20/2017

Cease Fire's modular fire suppression units are uniquely designed to meet the widest variety of waterless fire suppression needs because of their portable, standalone nature. Each unit is pre-engineered and can function as a completely standalone unit or be networked in a custom designed system to provide the exact fire protection that your valuable property requires. Other dry chemical fire suppression units on the market require complicated and expensive piping systems which are not only invasive and costly, and much more difficult to install, but which are also inflexible and will only serve as protection for the areas where they have been permanently installed. Cease Fire's modular fire suppression units, on the other hand, eliminate the problems of piping, wiring, and the cost of complicated installation—and are truly portable, to make them ultimately flexible and useful.

Although Cease Fire units are typically mounted permanently for protection of certain spaces and or equipment, they are easily relocated, allowing for maximum flexibility. Because of this characteristic, they can function as a "Portable Fire Suppression System" for certain applications, creating a safer work space for a specific hazard that can be moved as needed. An example of a movable hazard such as this would be a welding containment area within a high rise building that would need to be readily relocated as the site required. Another example of the units' function as a "Portable Fire Suppression System" would be their use for protection of mobile battery area hazards that relocate as a portable power supply. Best of all, Cease Fire units can be taken from project to project, each time requiring an installation or removal that takes only a few minutes and yet provides protection twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to being portable, the Cease Fire suppression units have the distinction of being ideal for buildings and hazards in remote areas with no or insufficient water supply, such as storage sheds. Structures which are not completely permanent, or where the installation of a piped in system or the cost and difficulty of extending a waterline would be impractical or the fire suppression needs of difficult to reach spaces—all benefit from the stand alone portable nature of Cease Fire's fire suppression units. Although Cease Fire units do not replace hand held fire extinguishers, they do offer 24/7 protection for certain hazardous areas with the added benefit of not requiring human intervention to fight fire because of their automatic heat activation. Also, certain Cease Fire models are appropriate for use in mobile applications such as transport vehicles, trailers and portable storage containers.

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Since 1986, the combination of cost-effectiveness with ease of maintenance, inspection, removal, and repair of the portable fire suppression units has caught the attention and loyalty of clients like the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), O'Hare International Airport, Honeywell, LTV Steel, as well as the U.S. Government. When in comes to meeting your fire suppression needs in a cost-effective, flexible and uncomplicated manner, it has never been easier to make the choice to install a fire suppression system specially designed for you by Cease Fire LLC.

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