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Manual Initiation Kit MIK

Manual Initiation Kit MIK

Posted 9/1/2017

Cease Fire is known for innovation. With their industry exclusive, patented dual agent technology utilized in the CFF 800 fire suppression product, Cease Fire has made their name known word wide.

Cease Fire’s newest innovation is game changing – the Manual Initiation Kit, or MIK for short. The MIK is a manual means of system initiation that relies solely on battery power. No need to hire an electrician or a fire suppression installation company to wire your agent release pull station to a panel. You also will not have to worry about the tedious process of obtaining a permit to hard wire your system into hard line power.

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The MIK is perfect for many applications and all industries: testing cells, remote locations, residential, commercial, industrial, warehouses, offices, airplane hangars, storage spaces, balconies, balcony closets, IT rooms, electrical rooms, elevator rooms, battery storage spaces, any and all spaces without access to municipal water, and many more. Already currently being used by all branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air force, Marines, Coast Guard), the energy sector (Alpha Natural Resources, British Petroleum and Chevron), AECOM, Pfizer, Disneyland Resorts and Amusement Parks, Hilton Worldwide Holdings, FAA, Chicago Transit Authority, Navistar, AT&T, Raytheon, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Harley Davidson, Bechtel, ArcelorMittal Steel, Boeing, Microsoft, City/County/State/Federal Municipalities, and many more.

If your system needs a manual way to initiate and you want to avoid electricians and permits, the MIK might just be what you need.

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