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Over-Designed Systems and Fire Suppression Companies Not Listening

Over-Designed Systems and Fire Suppression Companies Not Listening

Posted 8/20/2017

It’s a common occurrence for customers looking for fire protection to call Cease Fire LLC expecting the same inability to listen that they’ve experienced with our fire suppression competitors. They immediately make sure that we know that they are not intending to redesign their entire building in order to install a fire suppression system. At this point, we’re happy to reassure them. Cease Fire is different from the fire suppression companies they might have encountered: we are committed to listening to the customer’s needs, working in conjunction with them in order to design a system that addresses the vulnerable area in need of fire protection and no more. We have the products and commitment to truly serving the customer’s fire suppression needs that make fire suppression much, much easier and more cost effective than anything they might have encountered yet in the fire suppression industry.

One of Cease Fire’s best-selling products is the newly manufactured UL Listed CFF-800, a dry chemical fire suppression unit pre-engineered and designed to be used alone or in conjunction with a network of similar units in order to extinguish fires. Each CFF-800 unit is 15.5” high, 7” in diameter, and protects an area 820 cubic feet in size, or 8.2’ x 8.2’ with 12.2’ ceilings. For that entire 8’ by 8’ room, you need one unit---that’s all. No costly, invasive, messy, complicated remodel is required to install pipe systems and extra electrical wiring: the CFF-800 stands alone. When we explain this to our customers, their concern subsides and they realize that designing, obtaining, and installing the fire suppression system that their company needs is truly simple, no matter what they may have heard previously from different fire suppression companies.

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The CFF-800 unit has been proven to be reliable and effective, garnering approval from Underwriters Labratories (UL). Its dry chemical fire suppressing agent is comprised of a combination of FE-227 gas, produced by DuPont as a replacement for Halon fire suppressant gas, and ABC powder. The FE-227 gas, an EPA-approved gas that is proven to not deplete the ozone layer, acts as a rapid fire-extinguishing agent, taking merely four to five seconds to completely extinguish any fire. The ABC powder is used to prevent re-ignition of the fire, settling to cover all surfaces in the protected office, mobile trailer, server room, or other location. The efficiency and reliability of the CFF-800, its simple installation, its cost-effectiveness, its environmental safety---it’s hard to beat this combination.

Last but not least, our customers are always glad to hear that using dry chemical fire suppression systems is a far better choice than standard water-based sprinkler systems when the location being protected contains anything that would be damaged by water or steam. Items like computers, electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, important papers and records are safely protected from both fire and water damage when a dry chemical fire suppressant is used. And this fire suppressant is non-toxic, so your personnel will not be harmed either during exit of the building during the fire, nor later, during the post-fire cleanup. The dual-agent dry chemical is also non-corrosive, so it will not cause any harm to wires and electrical devices.

In the end, our customers appreciate having their concerns and fears allayed as they realize that Cease Fire is truly committed to serving them. Our business has been serving our customers’ fire protection needs since 1986, and we’ve gained their loyalty through our commitment to keeping fire suppression simple, effective, and affordable.

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