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Fire Suppression For Dummies

Fire Suppression For Dummies

Posted 8/18/2017

Cease Fire makes dry fire suppression solutions simple and easy for everyone. Our pre-engineered modular systems are pipe-free, wire-free, and easily customizable for every application with minimal expense and disruption to your business. With the industries only truly modular system, we combine ease of preliminary planning and installation with products designed for easy moving or adapting as the needs of your company evolve. Our representatives are ready to take your call and get you the Cease Fire technology that is right for your specific application.

Custom-Designed to Your Specifications

In order to custom-design a waterless fire suppression system for your space, we start with learning the dimensions of the space you intend to protect. From small offices requiring merely one CFF-800 unit to larger areas requiring a network of linked units, our system provides flexible, superior protection for your specific needs. A single unit provides up to 6750 cubic feet of protection. For larger areas, multiple units can be installed in order to completely flood the area with the appropriate level of fire suppressing chemical agent.

No Pipes, No Electricity Needed

Each Cease Fire unit is pre-engineered and completely self-contained, eliminating complicated installation, and making it an extremely cost-effective solution for your fire suppression needs. No pipes or electricity are necessary. Once the desired location of each unit is determined, the units are mounted in a vertical position using the mounting flange or pipe strapping that is provided. Approximately 26-80 pounds when fully charged, the cylinders are a mere 15.5-23 inches in height and 7.5-12.25 inches in diameter, and provides up to 6750 cubic feet of protection per unit.

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Safely Providing Superior Fire Protection for Your Property

In addition to providing the dimensions of your space, you will need to explain what your space contains. Our patented blend of Cease Fire's unique ABC powder, combined with DuPont's FE-227 EPA-approved, fire extinguishing clean agent gel has been FM (Factory Mutual) tested, and approved, and is non-toxic, not harmful to personnel in the area, and doesn't pose an imminent threat to electrical equipment based on a propensity to induce corrosion or electrical conductivity. This makes it ideal for all types of sensitive equipment, computers, telecommunications systems, and more!

Even Servicing is Easy!

Once installed, the Cease Fire units provide twenty-four hour superior fire protection for over ten years with minimal servicing required. A pressure gauge is mounted so as to be easily read from below for inspection purposes. If a unit needs to be serviced, it is easily removed with minimal complication.

Easy Cleanup

Once a fire has occurred, it is important to thoroughly clean the area to remove smoke and fire residue. At this time, the powder that has helped to minimize damage is simply and safely removed by vacuuming. For electronic equipment, compressed air removes the powder from small crevices.

Simply the Best Choice

With its ease of planning, installation, maintenance, and clean-up, Cease Fire's leading waterless fire protection technology cannot be beat. Whether you're seeking our products by jurisdictional mandate or company decision, Cease Fire has the best solution for your needs.

We make choosing a Fire Suppression System easy! Contact us for more information.