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Posted: 9/1/2017

Most local building codes require that rooms pass a “Room Integrity Test” before a gas fire suppression system can be installed. This ensures that the gas does not escape the room while at... READ...

Ten Reasons Cease Fire Systems are the Best Available

Posted: 9/12/2017

FLEXIBILITY No matter what your fire suppression needs, Cease Fire has the correct fire protection system for you. Our flexibility is partially due to the variety of choice in surfactant used for f... READ...

How to Determine Whether a Fire Suppression System Is Worth the Money

Posted: 5/30/2022

Alt Title: Is a Fire Suppression System Financially Advantageous for Your Business? Your business may be on the fence about whether a fire suppression system is right for you. Sure, it has the pote... READ...

Understanding the True Cost of a Fire to Your Business

Posted: 7/7/2022

Alt Title: Can Your Business Survive a Fire?   A fire can break out at any time and quite literally take your business down to the ground. And if you aren’t prepared ahead of time, it... READ...

Do Fire Suppression Systems Pay for Themselves?

Posted: 8/15/2022

Alt Title: Can a Fire Suppression System Pay for Itself? When you start shopping around for fire suppression systems, you'll hear some claims that suppression systems functionally pay for thems... READ...