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Fire Suppression for Class A Fire Hazards

Posted: 8/17/2017

When deciding which fire suppression system is most appropriate for your application, you first need to determine the correct hazard classification. There are several, and the 5 most common are class ... READ...

Fire Prevention for Hydraulic Systems

Posted: 11/26/2020

The Risk Hydraulic fluid systems use extreme pressures anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 psi. When a failure in the system causes a breach such as a cracked pipe joint or ruptured hose. The pressurized ... READ...

Fire Suppression Systems in Manufacturing Environments

Posted: 8/20/2017

Manufacturing environments, whether they be power plants, manufacturing plants, assembly plants, petrochemical plants, processing plants, warehouses, or distribution centers, can be tricky to protect ... READ...

Fire Suppression Solutions For Industrial Applications

Posted: 9/12/2017

In addition to protecting technology and computer-related equipment, Cease Fire offers superior UL listed protection for industrial applications. Painting spaces, welding areas, chemical treating proc... READ...

Industrial Plant Fire Prevention Tips

Posted: 6/28/2022

Alt Title: How to Lower the Risk of Fire in Industrial Settings   Got an industrial plant? You need a fire prevention strategy. You also need a fire suppression system to lessen the damage ... READ...

Custom Powder Coating

Posted: 4/11/2023

Not everyone wants their fire suppression system to be visible. Sometimes a custom color can help disguise the unit or system to better blend in with its surroundings. For this reason we offer custom ... READ...

How to Protect Your Hydraulic System Investments With Fire Suppression

Posted: 3/25/2024

Alt Title: X Effective Strategies for Protecting Your Hydraulic System Investments Hydraulic systems are vital for many industries, but they tend to be extremely expensive. If you want to protect y... READ...

Why Hydraulic Systems Are So Vulnerable to Fire

Posted: 3/25/2024

Alt Title: What Makes Hydraulic Systems Vulnerable to Fires? Safety conscious entrepreneurs and supervisors know that hydraulic systems need fire suppression in order to remain safe and protected. ... READ...

Is It Possible to Reduce Fire Risk of a Hydraulic System to Zero?

Posted: 4/30/2024

Alt Title: How Can You Minimize Hydraulic System Fire Risks to the Minimum? Hydraulic systems are associated with risk – especially the risk of fire. There are many strategies you can impleme... READ...